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24Inches Silky Long Straight Ombré Half White Half Black Wig

24Inches Silky Long Straight Ombré Half White Half Black Wig

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 Fashion Ombré Half Silver and Half Black Color Wig


Wig Size: Approx 60 cm/ 24inches in Length
Weight: Approx 380g, and machine made cap with adjustable straps.
Material: 100% Heat Resistant Fiber.
Novel colors: The half of left is black to sillver, the half of right is sillver to black.
Styling Tips:

To make it show the same style as the product photos please Shake your wig back and forth to make it more fluffy.
How to Wear:

1. Prepare your own hair.
2. Hold your wig by the ear tabs.
3. Place it at your natural hairline and slide it on from front to back, making sure the inside clips slide into your hair.
4. Use the ear tabs to center your wig from left to right.
5. Adjust the tab in the back for a secure fit.

Hair Care

1. The wig don't need to be washed frequently, but care and maintain it regularly.
2. Smooth and tidy wig before putting them into water
3. Wash and care using a little mild shampoo in cold water
4. Clean cold water to rinse it again and towel to blot up the water.
5.Hang and dry it naturally. Do not expose to sun.

Warm Tips:

The wig you received may be out of shape due to packed and you need restyle it simply to look closer to picture.

All synthetic wigs will shed slightly especially the first time you install, which is normal.

Because of the monitor color setting or other reasons of computer and phone,it is unavoidable that the color will have some difference between the pics and the real items. 

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