How To Detangle A Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Hair Wig Fast?

For wig wearers, you might come across the situation that your wig becomes tangled or falls down itself when you go outside. For example, your hair would get wet and tangled on a rainy day or in the swimming pool. That would be a little bit disappointing. So how to detangle a wig in an emergency situation? Today we are here to help you solve the problem.

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Why does your wig easily get tangled?

Before having a good idea of detangling a wig, we should know the basic reason why wigs tend to be a mess and tangled in daily life. There are several factors behind it.

First, Human Hair Wigs Or Synthetic Wig

If your wig is easily dry, frizzy, and tangled, you might doubt it this a real human hair wig. As we all know, a real virgin human hair wig has a good quality that is super-soft, has no shedding, and blends well with your natural hair.

Moreover, it can be treated as our own natural hair, which can be bleached, dyed, curled, and straightened without worries. After heat styling, it can be maintained and then remain has a long lifespan.

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Synthetic wigs

However, synthetic wigs do not have a long lifespan because they contain a variety of fibers like polyester and acrylics, which means they are essentially plastics.

So they have limitations with heat styling, which can not be dyed, straightened, or curled. Otherwise, they will be easily ruined.

Along with this, they need high maintenance to avoid tangled hair. So when you shop on a website, pick up a real human hair wig.

Second, The Truth Of A Wig

Compared to our natural hair, wigs are likelier to be tangled due to some causes as follows.

  • wigs are not self-moisturizing. Our natural hair is moisturized by the sebum produced by our scalps. But wigs don't have this, and that is why they tend to get dry and consequently tangled.
  • The texture of your wig could be to blame. Straight hair wigs tangle much less than wavy and curly hair wigs.
  • The improper hair care of wigs. In fact, for a long lifespan, a real human hair wig needs to be maintained frequently just like your own hair.

Remember to wash your wig three times one week with specific shampoo and conditioner, comb it with a wide-tooth brush and then put it on a mannequin or in a silk bag. Do not sleep with a wig to avoid tangling.

How to detangle a wet wig in an emergency situation?

It is very normal that your wigs come across an emergency situation when going outside. For example, if you are swimming in a pool, your wig will get wet and tangled in the water. That is Ok. The thing is how to fix it quickly.

  • For this situation, the easiest way is to take out your detangling spray and leave-in conditioner from your bag quickly and mix them together in a spray bottle.
  •  Shake the mixture thoroughly and then spray it on the hair, which will make the hair slippery so they can easily slide past each other as you work to remove the tangles.
  • Remember to brush out the knots by using the wide-tooth comb. Move it slowly to the tips from the roots.
  • After that, spray clean water to wash your wig a little bit and let it air dry. If you are in a hurry, you can use a blow dryer with a cooling temperature. It is super easy, right?
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