4x4 Lace Closure VS 5X5 Lace Closure, What's The Difference?

4x4 Lace Closure VS 5X5 Lace Closure, What's The Difference?

There are different types of lace closures in the market like 5x5 and 4x4 lace closure. For new comers, if you want to choose the right one, you should know the difference between them.

First, let us figure out what is 4x4 lace closure?

5x5 lace closure

A 4x4 lace closure is a hairpiece that suggests that the lace is 4 inches in length and 4 inches in width. The hair strands are stitched on the lace by hand. This type of wig provides wearers with a simple hair part, so it is the simplest hairline. It also brings a natural and beautiful hairline to the user.

What is 5X5 lace closure?

5x5 inches is larger than 4x4 lace closure. This type of closure is also used to close off your sew-in styles. 5x5 lace closure is recommended to people who are new to wearing lace closures compared with lace frontal.

Besides, 5x5 lace closure covers more part of your forehead and it is more natural and invisible.

 5x5 lace closure vs 4x4 lace closure?

Lace Size

4x4 lace closure

As their name implies, the direct difference is the size of lace. 4x4 closure provides 4 inches of lace, a 5x5 closure provides 5 inches of lace.


Obviously, 5x5 lace closure is more expensive than 4x4 lace closure since it needs more lace and hair to finish the whole look.

  • Larger lace space can have more fullness and versatilities. Compared to 4x4 lace closure, 5x5 closure can give a frontal look and get a deeper part.

5x5 lace closure vs 4x4 lace closure, How to choose?

  • The whole process is the same, sewing in the hair strands on the lace by hand. All of them are made of virgin human hair with no shedding, tangle and chemistry.
  • 4x4 lace closure, it allows you to part 4 inches across and 4 inches back and forth. This is a beginner’s wig unit and it is recommended for women who prefer to put on and remove their wig without having to style their hair.
  • The 4x4 closure wig gives a natural and beautiful hairline to the wig wearers. A full head sew-in would require at least 3 bundles with closure.
  • 5x5 lace closure creates an invisible part which makes your wig more undetectable. It is easy to operate on hair weft, the baby hair around gives you a good hairline. So how to choose the right one, it depends on your requirements and budget.
  • But 5x5 lace closure has more versatility, parting space and styling options, you can choose this one if you want everything is perfect.


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